Sunshine Coast Property Market Update – January 2016

The Sunshine Coast property market has continued its recovery since the lows of 2012. As can be seen from the below graph both sales volumes and median dwelling prices show good growth continued through 2015.

Sunshine Coast Property Market
The median dwelling price is now above the high previously set in 2010 which only occurred after a huge stimulus to the economy by the federal government to combat the effects of the global financial crisis(GFC).

It is interesting that when you start to drill down into specific suburbs you find that some are still below their pre GFC highs.

The graph also shows that sales volumes started to increase first in 2012 before this translated to price growth starting in 2013.

The growth has been driven by new construction of homes, new infrastructure projects like the new hospital, interstate buyers who are finding better value for money than in their home states, increased consumer confidence and a tightening of supply of properties for sale.

All indications are that we will continue to see an increase in sales volumes and median prices in 2016. Not all suburbs will have the same growth and even within a growth suburb there will be certain property types that will outperform others.

Now more than ever it is important that you always do your research before jumping in and buying any property.

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