Queensland Globe Tool – Assisting Buyers!

Queensland Globe is a FREE Queensland Government online interactive tool that could be an invaluable resource for potential buyers.  The tool transforms physical, geographical, and spatial data about a selected location into map format.  This can be downloaded and used on your smart phone, tablet, PC and Mac.

Queensland Globe provides access to in excess of 600 spatial data layers on Queensland roads, rail, property, topography, mining and exploration, land valuations, land parcel information, water levels and more.  Some of this information will clearly be of benefit in the exercise of purchasing a property, for example, information on flooding may be a game changer in the decision-making process.

Buying, even renting a house can be stressful. There’s so much to consider – location, school catchments, the commute, other buyers, price, and the big one – flood zones.  Now you have this information at your fingertips, you can do your own research using this resource that is continually updated and added to.

At a glance, features include:

  • Access to real-time spatial data “anywhere, anytime” through your computer, tablet, or smartphone web browser.
  • New measuring tools and the ability to save, share and download maps and searches.
  • Pinpoint your location and access data when in the field.
  • Browse information about single parcels of land, including a property’s official annual valuation, closest public transport routes and more.
  • Explore pre-set topics of interest for faster search results.
  • Create multiple places of interest to explore a range of locations or different data layers.
  • Add your own data, or share what you have discovered with others.
  • Login to save your work for ongoing use.

So, if you haven’t heard of the Queensland Globe website now’s the time to check it out. A new version of the map has just been relaunched in May with more features and improved functionality.

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